All The Things Missing In Bruno Mars' "Finesse" Video

The "24K Magic" album has still surprised us with it's ability to make us still dance, and "Finesse" is still that exact song to get our feet moving. But to see the video, and to hear Cardi B on the remix, is a whole new story.

Right off the bat, the outfits take me back to the 90's when I had Bugle Boy jeans, spiked hair (with a rat tail), and the Power Rangers were on TV.

If you haven't seen the "Finesse" video, here it is...but stick around after and see if what it made me remember is the same for you?!

The dance scenes in "Finesse" right away, I noticed they looked familiar...the rooftop doorway, the scaffolding, it's all from "In Living Color" the sketch show with all the Ivory-Wanyes' brothers, and someone named "James Carrey"???

Then there was the clothing...acid wash jeans, multiple color striped shirts, fanny packs?!?! All clothes I had and to me, a lot of the same clothing from the ever so great Nickelodeon sketch show "All That" 

And since I'm getting all nostalgic, and it is #TBT, why not take a trip down memory lane to everyone's favorite 90's ranch! "Hey Dude" was a show, that had teenagers on a dude ranch that was part hotel, part wildlife refuge? I just liked saying "Hey duuuuuuuuude" a bunch.

And what were the 90's for me, without the shirt that changed with a touch! Seriously, are there still Hypercolor shirts out there? Cause I'd rock one tomorrow!

And in the 90's who were the worst parents in America? The McCallister' for real, they left their pre-teen son Kevin "Home Alone" not once, but TWICE in the 90's! TWICE! And both times the kid was under constant attack by the same two thieves! TWICE!

Also, did you know Jack Black was once in a video game commercial back in the 80's/90's? I don't know the date of this, but I remember it.

That's "Jumanji's" star Jack Black talking about an old Atari game called "Pitfall"...which is kinda like "Jumanji" except on an old gaming system.

Awwww then there's me! Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri hunting for Easter Eggs, in my acid wash jeans, wearing oversized Nike's, and knowing that in the future my clothing choices would be questioned but my adorable face would be admired. HOLY CRAP I WAS CUTE, what happened to me?!?!

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