Could The Future Give Us, Stripper Robots?

There is no denying that robots will soon be more agile, more nimble, and more capable of doing human tasks that we no longer are interested in.

Take this company, Boston Dynamics, who's gone viral a few times due to the complex robots they build and the tasks they are able to do:

Pretty cool stuff right? Well what about in the erotic arena? Would robots be welcome? At CES 2018 (the annual conventional for groundbreaking tech and future tech, a new use for robots was unveiled at the Sapphire (as you can see below, the world's largest Gentleman's Club):

PLEASE LOOK AT THE ROBOT FACES!!! Those are security cameras as faces!

Look, I'm a single guy. A single guy who doesn't go to strip clubs. I'm also a single guy, who isn't that lonely to where I'd want to either go to A) a strip club or B) A ROBOT STRIP CLUB!

I find this whole thing weird.

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