World's Smallest (AND CUTEST) Cat

Imagine for a moment, that you tiny little kitty never gets big. He/she always has that lil mewp nose, that lil mewp personality, and those big eyes on a tiny lil mewp body!

In Sri Lanka, lives the Rusty Spotted Cat, a feline that never gets any bigger than your palm and who lives in the wild.

I love my mewp, Gentleman Jack The Cat, who turns 8 this year. When I rescued him, he was this tiny guy with the LONGEST tail I'd ever seen. What stole my heart was his little grey patch on his chest and those cute grey marks on his paws. Weighing barely 3 pounds my little guy has now grown into quite the gentleman. He's literally over 15 pounds now and is my best friend.

Sometimes I bug him with my toes.

And other times he'll cuddle up with me in bed.

But mostly, he just waits in the window of my apartment and waits for me to come home.

I adore my guy, and I'm sure he adores me!

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