It's Windy In The Netherlands!

Today, it was VERY cold here in Florida, and while I was walking in to work the wind made it even COLDER!

But, our wind has nothing compared to what is happening over in the Netherlands. The winds there are so strong, one person caught the wind knocking over shipping know the heavy things that transport cars across the world!!!!

You could only guess what's in those containers are now completely broken considering they were on the top and fell all the way down!

But that's not the craziest video you'll see about the wind, it's literally sweeping people off their feet and flinging them around town!

RIGHT ON HIS FACE!!! That had to hurt!!!

Now watch, as the wind takes a guys bike away from him:

And watch this port-a-potty catch some sweet air, and how bad I fell about the person who has to clean that mess up.

The next two videos show you the roof of one house, literally flying away.

Keep in mind friends, the weather here in Florida may suck right now, but over in the Netherlands the weather is flying roofs off houses, shipping containers like feathers, and people are flying like face-planting planes.

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