Kim Kardashian-West and Family Star in Calvin Klein's #MyCalvins

From Kylie to Kim, Khole to Kendell, all the Kardashian's/Jenner's are on board to be the new campaign and new face of Calvin Klein's underwear. With the brand of the campaign using the hashtag #MyCalvins to be shared on social media.

So basically, for the foreseeable future, you can expect any (if not all) of the Kardashian's down to their underwear modeling Calvin Klein's off for the long term future.

One tiny observation though....? Why do all the pics looks as if they've been layered on via Photoshop? And/or why do the jean jackets and jeans also look Photoshopped? It doesn't look like all 5 of the sisters were present at the same time, nor were the wearing actual clothes...maybe it's just me?

And again, if you want some eye candy to get you through the early work #MyCalvins on Instagram...just make sure no one is around to catch you looking at half naked people on your phone at work!

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