Longboarder Crashes Off A Cliff

Longboards are a fantastically chill way to get from "Point A" to "Point B"...and more often then not you'll see some college kid with 'Jesus Sandals' pushing his or her way across campus with a longboard. I myself, have a longboard...I rarely use it anymore but for a while it's how I got around in my life.

I however, would not do something this daring, or stupid because:

1) I'm 33 now, and just standing that long moving that fast would kill me
2) There's no hills in Florida
3) Again, this would kill me

This daring, I'll guess child, decided to have his friends follow him in a car as he flew down his El Paso, Texas neighborhood...except there's one painful and soon to see problem! There's a cliff just off the road....

Francisco Bocanegra is the longboarders name, and no worries, even though he was flung off a fast moving longboard and down a cliff, Francisco is OK and recovering from his injuries.

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