"Lucas the Spider" A Cute Digital Short

In the world of computer animation, the cuter you can make younger and smaller things, the bigger hit you'll have on your hands... i.e. "Baby Groot"

Baby Groot

Baby Groot

And just the other day, I was introduced to "Lucas the Spider"...a baby arachnid with big baby spider eyes, eight furry and wavy legs, plus an adventurous  spirit!

This video seems to be the first attempt at a true digital short of Lucas, who get's "Captured" and just escape.

"Captured" is only 30 seconds long, but it's freaking adorable! From the "HIEE" at the beginning, to the whispering, and the quick escape, Lucas does some quick thinking...plus that wave is just too much!

The first video I found that started this page introduces everyone to Lucas...who climbs up a chair to zoom to the camera and explain who he is...then quickly Lucas is gone.

Remember the first big cold storm of the year? Well, Lucas does...and he was right outside a window asking to come in...because the fire looked so warm

I would let Lucas in! He's sooooo cold and cute!

And just like any other kid, Lucas likes to have fun...like how he turns a bathroom sink into a play zone! 

Here's to hoping we get regular Lucas films cause I can barely handle how adorable this is...and I really hope that it's animator's kid doing the voice of Lucas, cause that would be amazing!

More Lucas videos HERE on YouTube

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