The Guy Who Played Barney, Is Now A Sex Guru

In your childhood, for those of you who call yourselves "90's Kids", you may have watched "Barney" before school.

You know, the big cuddly Purple Dinosaur who sang: 

Ahhh now it's all coming back to you right? Songs, dance, and lessons on how to be nice to one another?

Well, who knew that the guy who played "Barney", David Joyner, who still be teaching you as an adult, but about sex...???

Yup, David Joyner is a "Sex Guru", who specializes in "Tantric Sex" know the kind of stuff you seen in the Kama Sutra!

The original story was written by VICE, and in the article, Joyner details how much his tantric sessions are; which include but aren't limited to orgasms, massages, and straight up sex.

For many, this topic either "Not Safe For Work", "Not Safe For Children", or even offensive; to which Joyner took to Facebook to express his feelings:

For my two cents, people, we all like different may like pulp in your Orange Juice, but I do not. You may like mushrooms, but I do not.

Let David Joyner and those who are searching for a more spiritual awakening do what they do. He has participants sign waivers and declare any sexually transmitted diseases, they are all consenting adults, and they are on their own path, not yours. They aren't walking in your shoes, so don't judge theirs.

For more, David Joyner "Barney" stories, look at this interview he did about his decade as the purple dinosaur:

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