Guy Drops A $42K Bottle Of Champagne

Every night on my show, you can guarantee that at least once I'll profess my love for these 3 things:

1) Tacos
2) Pippa Middelton
3) Champagne

All 3 of those things I would gladly rob, cheat, or steal for...for my 33rd birthday this past New Years, I bought myself a present...or 3...3 bottles of champagne to ring in 2018:

If anyone asks "What would you like to drink" and champagne is on the menu, you better believe I'm getting a glass.

Which is what makes my heart hurt so bad with this video.

In an Ibiza night club, which is a cit known for high paid DJ's, "big ballers" getting tables, and plenty of bottles going around...a $42,000 bottle of champagne tends to stand out in the crowd.

As you can see the champagne is all over his suit, all over the floor, and now someone owes someone a lot of money. I that, because I don't think this guy was going to drink any...I think he was a manager being nice and opening the bottle for someone...I mean, what's that thing in his ear?

Champagne Love:

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