Dog Owner Tries Bark Collar

So your pup likes to bark, it's the dog's way of saying to any near dog "HEY I'M OVER HERE! YOU'RE OVER THERE AND I'M OVER HERE AND WE SHOULD SAY HI!", or so I'd like to believe.

But for some dog owners (those who have annoying neighbors) their dogs barking has to be muffled, and sometimes silenced. Now I'm not a fan of dog collars because basically it's telling the dog 'you can bark like a dog because a human doesn't like it'. So when I see a human try a dog collar I like to watch it so they know exactly what they are putting their puppy through.

I could watch this guy get shocked all day long by this collar, in fact, I'd rather it go on any annoying neighbor his has to show them just how mean shock collars are!


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