This Kid Tries Soda For The First Time

Sugar is wonderful. It's great in iced tea, I love candy bars, and soda...we'll soda is the equivalent of how hot Scarlett Johansson is. It's amazing.

I love Pepsi, I adore Dr Pepper, and throwbacks like Surge make my heart a flutter, or maybe that's the sugar rush.

But we do know, that too much sugar is a bad thing. Which is why some parents tell their kids at an early age that sugar is bad. My niece doesn't like soda, which I have thought is strange, but to have never tried any soda, that is a weird life to someone like me who would marry ScoJo in a bottle of Mountain Dew.

So what happens when this dad allows his son to try his first ever soda?

First, this kid is adorable and the immediate reaction of sugar to his lips is basically all of us (IT'S SO GOOD WHEN IT HITS YOUR LIPS) and my only thought was the first time Stewie also tried soda.

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