Is A Dog Running For Governor Of Kansas?

Angus P. Wooley, is a Hairy Vizsla (a regular Vizsla is my dream pup BTW) and after his owner Terran read the Kansas bylaws he discovered that no where in the Kansas State Constitution, does it not allow his dog to run for elected office.

Now Hutchinson, Kansas isn't too far off the map from where I'm originally from (Kansas City, Missouri) and in fact has ties here to the Space Coast (besides me). In Hutchinson you can find the "Cosmosphere" which is a NASA museum of space flight, space science, and many STEM related activities.

And as cute as the "Would Be" story a Governor Angus P. Wooley, I'm afraid I have a bit of bad news. The Secretary of State's office isn't allowing the dog to run for governor:

But perhaps something new in Kansas does need to happen...because just a month ago, in Kansas, a lawmaker was in trouble for saying some very ignorant and racist remarks about marijuana and African-Americans.

I personally think this loser is disgusting and I would gladly vote a dog to take his place. I hate this guy.

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