5 Ways to Calm Your Mind (Without Meditation)

It's a short week for many at work and school, thanks to President's Day for getting many that extra day off...but with short weeks come extra work loads. Deadline get pushed up, one less day in the week to get all things accomplished before due dates.

So it can lead to stress...for me, I have other days off this week too so today (Tuesday) is really my only day to get a bunch of work done. And it can lead to stress, bad eating habits, a lethargic feeling, etc...so how to stay focused? How do you not get stressed?

Thanks to Tiny Buddha, here's 5 ways to calm your mind without having to find time to mediate:

1) Do something complex (but not too difficult)
2) Do something for someone else
3) Do something fun and creative
4) Get some exercise and get some long sleep
5) Do something social

Now those are just the brief 5 things, to go more in depth, see the Tiny Buddha blog post HERE


Also, if you have trouble falling asleep (as I do at times) I've found that instead of sleeping with the TV on (GUILTY!) or having your phone on the night stand next to you (ALSO VERY GUILTY!) try using the sleep aid sounds below, and also don't have your cell phone in your room as you are going to bed.

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