Pizza Hut Now Makes Shoes That Pause Your TV...

Pizza is everything.

Try and debate me:
- Oh you're a vegetarian? Boom Veggie Pizza!
- Full on Vegan? Just put marinara sauce over some mushrooms and a Vegan crust, there's your Spicy Vegan Pizza!
- Don't have the money to go out and get a specialty pizza from the nice Italian joint down the street? PUBLIX HAS TOTINO'S PIZZA ON SALE EVERY DAY FOR LITERALLY .50 CENTS!

Pizza is bae, it always will be...and even though I'm writing this on a Tuesday when everyone wants taco' can get yourself a Taco Pizza on Tuesday's and have the best of both worlds'. But how far, is too far in the love of pizza?

Last year, Pizza Hut unveiled the "Pie Tops" that have the ability to order your favorite Pizza Hut pizza at the push of a button, on your shoes...

And this year they weren't to be out-done:

Introducing the Pie Tops 2.0:

They not only can still order your favorites from "The Hut" they also somehow can pause live TV to answer your door so you don't miss a moment of programming.

I have no idea how this technology would even work considering I have DirecTV Now and mostly view Netflix, is it going to be able to pause what I'm watching on my Apple TV? Or is it only compatible with certain devices? OR IS IT EVEN REAL? We live in a world where "Fake News" is said at least 27 times just between friends every day. So these shoes might be "Fake News"...

The "Pie Tops 2.0" even come in a 'Wheat Color' Pizza Hut's ad says "Just like the crust"... 

So look, I love pizza, and Pizza Hut isn't all that bad...but I don't know how you buy the shoes, I don't know how much they are, and how does it know what pizza you want? Is it a stored order? Or is Pizza Hut stuffing mushroom pizza down your throat randomly on an order?

Obviously lots of questions, and I have no answers...except that for some reason I really like the red I have any outfits to go with it though? Maybe I need a Pizza Onesie?

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