A Camera Goes For A Ride At A Sushi Joint

How come Melbourne doesn't have sushi places that have a conveyor belt? What is this new type of sushi restaurant that I know nothing about? Is it pay as you go? Do you pay a flat rate then eat all the things?!?!?! HOW DOES THIS WORK??????

There are many things that are neat about this idea...what I find the coolest is that no one eating at the restaurant took the camera, they either saw it and waved, or saw it and let it ride the conveyor belt...or my favorite, you got to just see a quick snapshot of other people just eating and living their lives.

Right off the bat, the couple at :35 in...were they fighting? Was she upset about something? WHY WAS THE BODY LANGUAGE SO SAD?!?!

Then of course the kid that flipped the bird was my other favorite moment.

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