Here's How Krispe Kreme Donuts Are Made #YUM

Hi, my name is Wingnut and I have an addiction. An addiction to donuts.

I'm serious, we get donuts here at work at least once every 3 weeks, and it's always from Krispe Kreme...they send over 3 boxes and without a doubt I eat about 4 of those 3 boxes. But that math doesn't add up??? SHUT UP AND GIVE ME DONUTS!

I have a real weakness for those sugary much so that once I start, I can't stop...I have to eat more donuts!

The following is a real post from my Instagram account!

I may be funny, but I was also being truthful...that was donut #4 and I knew I shouldn't have so I ate it against a wall so no one could see me LOL!

So how do those delicious lil Krispe Kreme donuts come to be? Well, if you get to the store on Wickham Road early enough you can see the process happen...but if you're like me and like to sleep then eat, watch this video and stare craving those donuts! 

And in case you're a single lady, and have Bumble...look out...this photo might look familiar cause well I use it as a photo on Bumble LOL

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