Serious Waves Are Rolling Into South Florida!

Here in Brevard, we're no stranger to wicked waves, beach erosion, and even extreme flooding...but never on a perfect beach day!

Just the other day, as the massive Winter Storm that brought snow and power outages to the Northeast, finally made it's way down here to us. The storm which brought huge waves to our coast line last weekend, also brought higher tides to South Florida.

In Hollywood Beach, this resident captured footage of waves making their way onto the boardwalk:

For years now, residents of South Beach, and surrounding areas have been dealing with flooding and higher tides, than in years past. But nothing like this, unless it is hurricane season. And news flash, March isn't hurricane season!

Here's a view of the erosion the waves have caused down in Dania Beach:

These winter storms are becoming more and more powerful and happening more routinely than ever before, and science is proving that its from a direct effect of Global Warming.

And many "Climate Change Deniers" will say that global warming isn't real if it's still cold, but that's where the science (and overall logic in life) proves deniers just don't get it. Global Warming is the adverse effect on the planets climate, global warming means more intense storms, global warming means these storms will continue to happen and only get more viscous. Need proof? Here's why "Global Warming Can Mean Harsher Winter Weather"

Not to continue to scare you, but this is just an August day down in Miami Beach last year after a rain storm, cars are flooding and floating in downtown streets!

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