Father and Scared 2-Year-Old Kicked Off Flight

We've all been on this flight before:
- Long lines at the check in
- TSA took forever
- Flights delayed due to weather
- And now on board and kids start to cry

Those kind of days can be rough, but think about being that parent there, they've had just as long as a day and now they have to parent to calm the child down.

Well, Southwest Airlines and the crew of this flight weren't having any of it.

The tale of this father and daughter is crazy, the flight attendant came over to the father prior to taxing out to the runway and said to 'settle the child down'...after a few moments alone with his daughter the father calmly sat in his seat with his now calm little girl, when the captain came overhead and said they were heading back to the gate:

Here's video footage of the incident:

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