Krispy Kreme Just Released A "Simpsons" Donut

The biggest undeniable fact to every come out of Springfield is that Homer loves his donuts. Chances are, right now you're already saying "mmmmmmm donut...."

And a bigger known fact is, we call crave these treats. Krispy Kreme is hitting marketing gold here, by making those iconic pink donuts Homer loves so much and calling them the "D'ohnut", cause Homer says "D'oh" and they are donuts.....look I like it's hilarious!

But, with all great news there must also follow some sad news...we can not get these "D'ohnuts" in Central Florida...nope, these are only available in Australia, and that's very far away.

What makes it even worse, is that if your last name is actually "Simpson" you'd be getting these treats FOR FREE!!!!

Listen up, Krispy Kreme USA, as a lover of your products...we need these bright ideas over here! I can't travel to Australia for a donut...but I would travel to like New York let's get these in America, and let's make my belly happy, K?!?!?

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