There's Science Behind Your Hanger

I'm writing this blog at 2:30pm on Monday afternoon. I've eaten lunch today, but I now realize it was too early of a lunch and dinner for me won't be until 8pm so what do you think I'm doing in between those 6 hours? Freaking looking at food pics on Instagram.

So what does it really mean to get "hangry"? We use the term jokingly when we finally scarf down our taco's on Tuesday. Or when you finally got that sub for lunch and it hit all the right spots, you look at your best co-worker lunch pal and say "That hit the spot, I was so angry at my desk I would've punched Judy if she called me one more time.". Well there's a scientific reason you wanna rip Judy's face off...and this video dissects the reason why.

Now I feel smarter, and still very hungry.

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