Careful, There's Wet Cement There!!!

When I was a child, the coolest thing we could find was a wet patch of cement, cause then we could totally write our initials in the cement to stand the test of time, or someone in my childhood group of friends would draw something inappropriate too.

Never once, did we think to drive a car through wet cement! What a spectacular story that would be, our car forever etched into the road, with our tire marks fleeing the scene! Legendary! Until you realize your car has cement underneath it, and it's a ticking heavy bomb that just weighs down your car!

Which in this video you're about to see just how oblivious many on the roads are...not realizing that 'Hey that darker patch of grey in the parking lot looks different than the rest!'

Never underestimate the power of a great "Anger Throw"...also, who really is at fault here? I see how the cement contractor should have had the barricade up, but isn't the driver also at fault for not seeing all the construction equipment? I'm calling insurance fraud on this one....

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