Would You Pay Money To Vacation In Space?

Named after the "Northern Lights", the people at Orion Span have created the "Aurora Space Station", which will allow guests to travel into low-Earth orbit, and stay in a 'Space Station' for up to 12 days.

So what is the world's first "Luxury Space Hotel"? According to the Aurora Station website, your luxury stay will include your Space Condo, gorgeous views of your hometown back on Earth from 200 miles above it, and every 90 minutes, low-Earth Orbit sunrises and sunsets!

So what's the cost?

Well, as of right now, you can only make your reservation to be on the wait list to head to the Aurora Station...and that's gonna put you back $80,000 with the final cost of your 12 day trip totaling $9.5 million dollars. Also, the station itself isn't built yet and only in 2021 and 2022 will the company begin launching 'condos' into space.

Not everyone can afford this (me included) so until they make it cheaper...I'll go float in a pool and pretend it has a better view than someone's Aunt Mildred nose deep in "50 Shades"....

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