Melbourne Ranked "One Of America's Best Cities"

I've lived in only 2 places really in my life; Kansas City, Missouri and right here in Melbourne, Florida. I've been in Melbourne since I was born in 1984, but in mid-2000 I moved here to Melbourne, grew up here, went to Satellite High, and now you all know I'm that one guy who does that radio show.

Over the years, I've had many chances to leave Melbourne, like many do, but for some reason I always stay right here. Is it because my mom is just a 15 minute drive from my apartment? Is it the many friends I've known close to 20 years that are still just down the road from me? Or is it the 5 minute causeway trip over to Melbourne Beach? I think it's a perfect, beautiful storm of all those reasons.

Some people over the years have called it "Melboring", many leave Melbourne, only to find themselves pining over the sunrises they no longer get, the food the end up craving when they stumble across a post from "Mustard's Last Stand" (see below), but for me...I've lived a great life being a Melbourne citizen.

I never take what we have here for granted, and in fact, I soak in every Melbourne day I can...because let's remember, people spend thousands of dollars just to stay a weekend here. And this...these cotton candy sunsets, these beach weekends and happy-hour lagoon days; these un-touristed, non-congested rocket launch streets we live in, they're all ours and we should never let them go.

From puppy's at Squid Lips Labor Day weekend:

To taking my family to what was my dad's favorite place "The Cuban Sandwich":

Even running to lunch at the Downtown Melbourne "Mustard's Last Stand":

Melbourne has an amazing long running food scene, take a peek into a strip mall near your work, or see that off-the-path building? Go in, grab some food, and you'll find gems all over.

But to the long time locals, there's only ONE place in Melbourne you go for ice cream! Since 1956, at the bend of US 1 heading to Eau Gallie...the line is almost to the river.

Just remember to bring your cash, no credit or debit cards here.

Last summer, I went back to KC for a wedding, flew right out of Melbourne and the city was so sad I was leaving that day, she cried...but wouldn't you know it...the day I came back the sky was clear and my favorite place in the whole wide world was happy I was home.

Want to know the most special part about Melbourne? We're literally (on a bad day 10 minutes) only 5 minutes from the beach. Wake up early this weekend, head over to the Boardwalk, put $1.50 in the meter, and watch the sunrise...nothing more on this planet is going to put your life at ease, erase problems, or calm your soul more than watching our little piece of the Atlantic Ocean fill with color more than a Mel Beach sunrise.

Or, head back at sunset, and the sky turns pink and orange and baby's your own "Cotton Candy Sky":

So one weekend, come with me on the sand...I've got the champagne, you bring some chips:

Or let's get together for a beach rocket viewing party:

We're in the Top 30 of "Best Cities to Live in the USA", and I'm glad I'm already here...also, so are my nipples apparently.

So here's your full list, the 125 "Best Places to Live in the United States", and Melbourne is #29!

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