Why Are There Dump Trucks In Melbourne Beach?

Have you been to our coast line lately? Easter weekend, I spent my weekend at the boardwalk off 5th Ave in Indialantic, and saw the beach restoration that is still ongoing from after Irma. They had the big ships out off the coast pumping sand into this giant pipe thing that is on the beach and runs probably about a mile south. It looks like a long process and I'm sure it will wrap up soon...but down in Melbourne Beach, at my little hideout of Coconut Point Park, a different kind of process was happening.

Just south of the beach access at Coconut Point Park, 4 large dump trucks were heading north and passed right in front of me Saturday, literally dodging families and driving in the actual ocean.

Where were they headed?

The answer, lied just north of the Sandy Shoes Motel, in a vacant lot where a crane type thing was taking sand from an empty lot and dumping it into these trucks. Then back came the big trucks.

I only have one conclusion to what's going on here:

Rather than do this work at a slower traffic time in the day, rather than limit A1A in Melbourne Beach to one lane, rather than protecting our beach by not allowing heavy machinery to drive in the literal ocean, someone was allowed to have 4 heavy trucks and a crane do work on the beach while families and small children were playing.

My little Coconut Point Park is my favorite place in Brevard County. I love it so much, that it's literally tattoo'd on my body...so I would like to know, why were there dump trucks driving up and down the beach this weekend?

My slice of paradise got tore up this weekend. Sads.

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