"Fire Tornado" In Oklahoma

I know you read the words "Firenado" and automatically thing that someone has made another very terribly cheese Hollywood movie like "Into The Storm":

But no, that's not the case at all...in fact, many videos have shown the phenomenon known as a "Fire Whirl" happening out in the real world.

A "fire whirl" is basically a whirlwind made up mostly of fire and ash, and usually start with a whirl of wind or smoke (i.e. 'fire whirl'). And just like tornado's they occur because of the warm air around the fire becoming blown around, but only collecting not just debris but also THE FREAKING FIRE!

There is a difference though, when it comes to tornado's and fire whirls...so tornado's are formed from the sky downward to the ground, and fire whirls develop on the ground due to surface winds...but that's enough meteorology nerd talk...let's look at the latest fire whirl to come across America!

In Oklahoma, the local fire department caught footage of a fire whirl in a wildfire.

That is a scary sight for sure, but last year a much more intense fire whirl was caught on camera, and the sound this thing makes terrifies me!

For you whiskey fans, the following video might make you sad, as after a lightning strike at Jim Beam, a drunk fire whirl took over.

Weather is scary...and as frightening as fire whirls are...I know of something even worse:

A "SNOWNADO"...I talked about this back in the winter, and it's a real thing...good thing there's no snow here...cause this scares the hell out of me! A tornado in snow...gusty winds in the cold? No thanks!

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