Been To Hammock Landings Lately? Check Your Receipt!

Today I learned, that if you shop for food at Hammock Landings in West Melbourne, you're also having to pay a Hammock Landings 'sales tax'. It's not labeled a sales tax because if you saw that, you might not want to shop at Hammock Landings. So instead, it's called a "Hammock User Fee"; which has been used since the outdoor mall opened years ago.

You may have never noticed the fee, so if you shop over at Hammock Landing anytime in the near future, take a look at your receipt and see if you have a "User Fee" on it:

It is only at .09% which is, in this case, less than 10 cents...I don't see a big deal, but in reality you could also find another restaurant around West Melbourne that doesn't have this 'tax'...just saying.

Plus now, I want to get a burger at "Five Guys" <3

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