Utah University Offering "Cry Closets" During Finals

The end of the spring semester is upon us, and instead of day dreaming about where you'll vacation this summer, or how great it'll be to see that your ex caught the "Freshman 15", YOU'RE FREAKING OUT BECAUSE YOU AREN'T PREPPED FOR FINALS!!!

The stress of college is real, so real in fact, that at times you may need to cry...but if you're sharing a dorm room with Carla from Carlsbad who FaceTimes her boyfriend all night long, you can't get yourself a good cry.

The University of Utah has offered help to students who need privacy while their eyeballs have a good sweat, with the "Cry Closet":

Now before you get all "WHAT THE HELL IS WITH KIDS THESE DAYS?!?!?!" know that the closet was built by a student in art class at an attempt at humor...but some don't see it that way and in fact will believe that some students will actually use it to cry.

Calm down news reports:

Before you report on this to the masses do a little research and find out that the student did this as a joke:

University of Utah FOR THE CLAP BACK!

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