Bees Have Cute Butts

Recently in the news, talk about the population of the world's bees has made headlines, and it's completely solvable. We can help bees and we need to help bees (even though I have a giant fear of flying stingy things).

Bees do more than make amazing honey for us to enjoy, as you should know, they help pollinate plants which then grow more plants. And without bees, many plants and foods we eat everyday won't be grown correctly or pollinated at all without the honeybee and bees in general.

The solution (well one solution) is to stop using pesticides, clearly they are bad, they poison our lagoon, and now they're killing off honeybees! Stop. Using. Pesticides! Another solution is to help reduce your carbon footprint. Climate change is affecting bee hibernation and is making bee life cycles fall out of sync with their normal life cycles. Stop throwing away plastic, turn the AC up to 80+ when leaving the house, turn the water off while brushing your teeth, etc. All great ideas that can help these flying honey making cuties!

So, recently people looked at bee butts and the Internet is in love:

There's a lot of pollen in that trunk!

And to be honest, bees have adorable booty's!

I went through the Butterfly Tent at Epcot this past weekend and I regret not taking a "Bee Butt" pic because there's tons of bees there! I know what I'm doing this weekend though!

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