A High School Prom Had A Tiger Show

Many schools are celebrating or did celebrate their prom's recently...and in Miami at this private Catholic school, faculty surprise students with an actual tiger in a cage, at the dance. Stating that the tiger was the  "King of the Jungle"...which if that made you scratch your head, don't worry...we all know the lion is the actual "King of the Jungle", and this should alarm you for one reason, that teachers don't know the difference between a lion and a tiger. And if you're still reading this and saying "Hey Wingnut, that's not the point, there's a real life tiger at a high school dance!" YEAH I KNOW, THAT'S THE MOST MESSED UP PART OF THIS WHOLE THING!!!

Who 'rented' the tiger? Who thought that this was cute idea? Why didn't anyone who was in charge say "NO! We don't parade animals around while caged!" This whole story is messed up! 

I'm glad one student, Mari-Cris Castellanos was rolling footage on this and shared it out to the Internet:

As of today, the school has apologized to those they feel they offended and have promised to further evaluate future events and activities...in case, you know the last day of school needs a freaking elephant in the parking lot?

Just don't have endangered animals on display at your school functions 'adults'...

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