Kelly Slater's Man-Made Surf Ranch

Growing up beachside, there's a few things everyone knows:

- If the waves are good, nothing else matters
- Kelly Slater is god

The last couldn't be anymore gospel, as 11 time World Champion Kelly Slater is known world-wide as the best surfer ever, and is a Brevard County born and bred native.

I remember playing Slater's PlayStation game and his big mission was to find the perfect wave. In the game, you went from Sebastian Inlet, to California and even down in Antarctica, searching for the perfect wave. In the game, it came down to a solar system style wave, but it wasn't real. In real life, Slater is still searching for that perfect's taken him 12 years, but with the help of a scientist and kind of a lot of money, Kelly's surf ranch has been tested by the world's best surfers and soon the dream of the perfect wave all over the world could be true. 

But how does it work? Here's the science behind the man made wave:

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