Major Changes Coming Soon To Epcot

Of the 4 parks that comprise Walt Disney World in Orlando (Water parks and Disney Springs excluded), the favorite among adults is hands down "Epcot". The park is in the midst of celebrating its 35th anniversary in Kissimmee and with those 35 years has come many changes, and even more on the horizon.

Many are excited for the changes and many believe some additions to the park take away from the innovation and world culture portion of Epcot that many have come to love.

From the possible addition of more than just a character meet of "Mary Poppins" to the possible addition of 2 more worlds in the "World's Showcase" find out what's on the horizon for Epcot!

Now that I'm an annual passholder, my weekends (and even some weekdays, just don't tell mt bosses) have Disney days included in them. And in my APH opinion, some of the best photos I've taken have come from Epcot! Just hit them angles on portrait mode and I've got these 3 favorites within the past 2 months.

And as the sun goes down over the WDW parks, the geodesic sphere that is "Spaceship Earth" glows a bleeding blue/purple/orage with hints of the daytime grey. And this is sight I can never tire of:

And after a few drinks "Around The World" why not try my best to recreate a photo that a crush of mine took, here's me trying to holla at Laura Morano (NEWSFLASH: it didn't work)

If you get the chance to explore Epcot for a day, from Tomorrowland and the rides and innovations of the future, to the World's Showcase there's hidden gems around Epcot everywhere!

The butterfly tent just before the World's Showcase houses butterflies that you can hold, and bees being bees and pollinating the flowers. Head towards "America" in the World's Showcase and you can find this "Maserati Guy" who apparently comes to Epcot in some flashy attire! Some of my favorite drinks "Around the World" are the sparking sangria in Morocco and the Bellini's in Italy!

Stick around of a sunset and you'll get some amazing pictures around Epcot...and a carbomb in the United Kingdom is a great way to end your Epcot day.

As far as the future of Epcot:

I like the addition of possibly 2 new worlds (BRING ME BRAZIL!!!) and we know that "Ratatouille" will be the exact same as the ride in Paris. I'm excited for obviously anything "Guardians.." related and I say bring on the changes....just include more electric parking in the parking lot and I'll really be a happy Disney Boy.

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