Confidence Tips For Girls

Sometimes growing up can be tough, and if you have young boys then life growing up isn't really that tough.  From the occasional hissy fit, to the first broken heart, when I was growing up my life wasn't really difficult because being a boy isn't honestly tough. However, for young girls 8-14 years old, life is tough for many reasons.

I see my 9 year old niece every weekend at Disney and the big point my sister is telling me when we spend time together is how to always make sure she knows she can do anything in life, she can be whatever she wants, and that her education is the most important thing in life.  

And to help your own girls in life with a boost of confidence you need to read this book "The Confidence Code for Girls" from two journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman: 

Even on their Facebook page, they explore the many ways and many tips anyone can help these young women boost their confidence and help them guide around difficult emotions or situations, they even can help dads realize their important role in helping these young women.

While researching these blog post I also came across this Twitter account called @ DadsWithDaughters, who also will Tweet out different tips and information about raising their daughters and other life situations.

The original story of how to help with confidence actually came from CNN, who's online correspondent Kelly Wallace, wrote a story about her own experiences on trying to make sure her own daughter has a lasting impression on boosting confidence sat down with co-author Claire Shipman, who also worked at CNN as a White House correspondent, and Shipman herself gave Wallace her own list of 5 Tips to Boost Confidence. (Please read the entire article for more in-depth coverage, it's a great read!)

1. Help her get outside her comfort zone and take risks.
2. Have her keep a list of risks.
3. Remind her of 'failure fixes.'
4. Role model failure and struggle.
5. Remind her she doesn't have a problem.

To know more about what your daughter might be going through, go read "The Confidence Code for Girls", or check out their website that is filled with facts to know, study's that show your daughters confidence is probably the most important thing you can nurture, and that is completely amazing to be different that what people expect you to be. 

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