Tornado's Tear Through Wyoming

Damn nature, you scary!

For real, the only thing that Mother Nature can do that terrifies me, is tornado's. Growing up in "Tornado Alley, in Kansas City, never once did a tornado affect my life. But it doesn't mean I'm not super afraid of these high-speed wind storms! Tornado's are unpredictable in ever sense of that word.

You don't know when they will be, you don't know where they will be, you don't know how strong or how long they will last. All those unpredictable things came together yesterday in Wyoming, giving the state some the most powerful tornado's seen in a long time. LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!!!

Seriously, the footage of all the tornado's that touched down are terrifying! As you can see just by this first video a resident took out on their land, these storms are nothing to take lightly!

And professional storm chasers were out yesterday for the sight of a lifetime! The crazy thing is to see the different types of tornado's, this one below is all grey where as the above one was brown like dirt. But I'd like to know why the two are so different? Did the first one just literally suck up all the dirt in Wyoming while the below one is just not? I don't get it, and I don't want to be close to either of them! AGAIN, TORNADO'S ARE SCARY!

Now check out this time lapse of the storm as it came through Laramie (there are no tornado's though in the time lapse, they lied), I want to literally ask any person driving towards the storm:


And this storm chaser, James Hammett was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid, because if he actually filmed one of the craziest days in storm chasing, these tornado's could've killed him!

Go to the :13 mark of this video and watch that tornado looks fake, but if you've read anything I've written so far...TORNADO'S AREN'T FAKE AND THEY WILL KILL YOU!

Give me hurricane season over an afternoon of tornado's, screw those things!

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