A Raccoon Is The Newest Internet Hero

He may not be the hero we asked for, but he's the hero we all deserve on the Internet today.

In a week filled with Trump/Kim meetings, one bright spot emerged which could have turned tragic in a matter of moments for one raccoon. While trying to get some food (bird eggs) this raccoon started to climb up the side of a St Paul, Minnesota building:


Within the work day, the lil guy made his way up the building and workers couldn't believe the sights they were having right outside their work windows! Breaking out their smart phones and taking pictures as our hero made his way towards the roof:


One reporter for Minnesota Public Radio basically live tweeted the entire event, as the raccoon was actually on the side of the building where the radio station is, I highly recommend reading all of Tim Nelson's tweets about the #MPRRaccoon, it is truly epic:


The "UBS Buidling" in St Paul is 25 stories tall, and just two stories shy of the roof, our hero has to stop and take a break, you know being a hero requires good looks:


Late into the night last night, the raccoon was still making his way up the side of the building towards the roof? People were filming our hero at all times of the day and night, but none of the videos I've seen are as good as this one.

Watch how he literally scoots to the next window and for sure must have cement penetrating claws! GUYS THIS IS ROCKET RACCOON ON EARTH TO SAVE US FROM THANOS!


After a long day and a long night, though, the raccoon had to be saved right? So Wildlife services had to be called in. Early in the morning, they put cat food in a trap and set it on top of the roof, in the hopes that the raccoon would smell the food and make it's way into the trap:

After some waiting, that's exactly what happened:


Safe and sound back on the ground, the raccoon looks to be in good health and is clinging onto that cat food can like...THE SIDE OF A BUILDING HE JUST SCALED!


Forever in our hearts, a raccoon who lived more in one day that you will your entire life!

Safe travels in the future #MPRRaccoon, safe travels



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