Hot Dads of Disney World

Here's what I know about dads:

- They always make terribly awesome jokes
- They have to always use the stern voice at theme parks to get the kids in line
- And they're the ones in charge of wearing the backpack full of items for a day at the theme park

What I've learned recently is that many (women and men) are thirsty at theme parks...and not the "Hey can I get a free cup of ice water" thirsty.

Recently, I was shown the hashtag #DilfsOfDisneyWorld and the @DilfsOfDisneyWorld:

Now, try to calm down everyone, we're about to show you some of the best of the best when it comes to DILF's of Disney World:

This dad taking a ride through "Under Da Sea" can start making your jokes while singing "Under The Sea" now:

Real men rock their Mickey Ear's, while you probably just wanna stare at his Mickey Buns:

Cinderella's Castle looks pretty in blue, but I'm sure you're just looking at that blue cut off tee:

I have no caption for you here...I'll let the IG post slay you on its own:

And lastly for this thirst section, allow me to also show you what #StrollerPushingArms are:

Keep it classy Internet, or don't...either way this is hilarious to me, and I'm sure it's pleasing to your you're welcome

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