Snakes Are Hiding In Pool Noodles

Some crazy news to report for you, that your pool noodle might be carrying a passenger inside of it!

Out in Arizona, rattlesnakes might actually be the official state reptile? because the slithery snakes are all over the place.  And for many who live in the desert, a pool offers a great way to get away from the heat.

But, the inflatable toys might offer more than fun, as one family found out, their noodle contained some Shake, Rattle, and a lil roll: (I could pun this story all day long, but I don't wanna sting you too much):

But a family a few weeks ago ran into this problem before the news got a hold of it:

Damnit Mike, listen to your wife, just put the noodle down and let the snake get out!

So there's your Summer 2018 tip:

Check your pool noodle, there could be a passenger hanging out in the middle of it!

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