Demolition Of Historic Launch Site Today

Early this morning, demolition crews took down the towers that make up Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's "Launch Complex 17".Built in 1958, the launch complex saw over 300 rocket launches that ranged from Air Force satellites to NASA probes, and today it all came to an end as the launch complex will be transitioned into a launch pad for a private company called "Moon Express". Moon Express has the goal to become the first private company to reach, land, and live on the moon for the purposes of benefiting humankind.  Here's a quick video of the towers coming down today:

Someone filmed the demolition up close, you can even hear whoever got to push the "fun button" do the countdown to "FIRE IN THE HOLE!".

And this is by far the best video of the demolition, because for some reason someone on the beach said "Bam, Rick James" and I have no idea what that means:

But without a doubt on the the most famous, or infamous, incidents to happen at Launch Complex 17 happened back in 1997 when a Delta 2 rocket carrying a GPS satellite exploded moments after liftoff.

At the launch complex that day was Brian Mosdell, who tells the story of the rocket explosion and how he and the other workers survived a rocket exploding on top of them. 

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