Throwback Footage of the Early Days of NASA

For my entire life, one place on the planet has always captured my imagination. Only one place has me dreaming of reaching new heights and picturing the impossible as possible. That place, is our home, Brevard County.

Since the 1950's, Brevard has been home to our countries start to space. The launching of rockets into outer space takes place here. And even though in 2018, launches happen in Texas or Virginia, the Space Coast is still America's home for space flight.

Of course back then, we were in a race with the Russians to get American's in space and put American's on the moon, and return them safely to Earth.

On this #TBT, I thought it'd be kinda cool to look back on some old footage up at the Cape, and thanks to a Facebook page "Back In The Day", they posted this video as to why the Space Coast is the "Space Coast":


And here's the thing, some people think that we should go back to the days of the Space Shuttle, and trust me they were awesome, but right now, today, we are launching more rockets from Cape Canaveral than in any other time in human history! These are just 3 videos from my Instagram page of SpaceX launches just this year!

Back in February, the Falcon Heavy launched, putting SpaceX further down the path of getting humans to Mars!


Then in April, the regular resupply of the International Space Station saw SpaceX launch another Dragon capsule up into low Earth orbit. SpaceX has also set a goal as to having Dragon eventually carry American astronauts back up to the ISS instead of having to rely on the Russian Space Program getting us there (FYI it's like a billion dollars a person to use Russia so yeah this is a big deal!) 


No matter where we are in Brevard, it's always a front row seat from the Earth to space, and I wouldn't trade in these views for anything! Well, maybe if Elon asked if I'd like to go for a ride to space then I would trade that view!


We know where we've gone in space exploration, we know where we're currently at, and we know our goals when it comes to space flight.

SpaceX has a goal to get humans to Mars using Falcon Heavy
NASA has the SLS rocket and the Orion capsule, astronauts are also headed to Mars
Blue Origins and Virgin Galactic are currently developing and testing rockets and space crafts for low-Earth orbit
And a new company named Moon Express will soon try to colonize the moon for private citizens

We're redefining the term "Space Flight" with every advance of rocketry, with every new company that wants to take a leap into the unknown, and with more and more young people willing to take the chance to peer into the universe.

I'm beyond proud to live here in Brevard County. This is my home. This place has my heart. And this place take people into the vacuum of space. Name me one piece of land on this Earth that is cooler than where we live, and I'll still tell you Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins lifted off from Cape Canaveral on July 16th, 1969 and traveled 3 days to land on the moon. And it all started here:



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