Paul Walker Documentary: TRAILER

Without a doubt, my favorite actor. That's my opinion, but I state it as fact.

Paul Walker was in some of the greatest movies in my life, Paul Walker was also in some terribly great "bad" movies too. That's what made him so amazing. I could watch "Brick Mansions" and not hate it. I could be perplexed as to what the actual story of "She's All That" was. I could, and still do, binge all the "Fast" movies. Because to me, that franchise was Paul Walker's franchise.

The news of Paul Walker's death was sudden, it was shocking, it was sad. The guy had those piercing eyes. The smirk that made anyone go "Oh I see why people like him.". And he just had a aura about him.

From "Takers" to "Into the Blue" and all the others through his career, everyone has a favorite Paul Walker movie, that is until the documentary "I Am Paul Walker" comes out on the Paramount Network.

"I Am Paul Walker" out August 11th on the Paramount Network

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