Let's All Play "Prosecco Pong"!

Forget your beer pong. Forget any rules you might know from that game, and instead step up to Prosecco Pong (although Champagne Pong might be more my speed).

So prosecco and champagne are similar, but are very different. Champagne first off is only from France and more importantly real "champagne" only comes fro Champagne, France whereas prosecco hails from Italy. And speaking of things from Italy, Giada DiLaurentiis! I adore her. Bobby Flay, you're ruining this video:

I know what I'm doing next beach day, and I challenge any of you to a game of "Champagne Pong"...because I like it more than prosecco. Giada's on my team.

And for real, we can play this! It's on Amazon for $18 and I seriously suggest we get with it and play!

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