A Look At Central Florida, At Night, From Space

I don't hide my obvious nerd-dom for all things space. I watch every rocket launch here on the Space Coast, I fangirl over space TV shows, hell I even have half my arm tattoo'd of space. It's a totally magical, totally amazing frontier that perplexes me and intrigues me. Seeing the images from satellites of space is truly remarkable and when the images are turned back on our planet I get equally excited.

Earlier today, a saw a video about how a map of our planet can tell a story about what's happening here on the ground. And in that video I saw a map of light pollution. Which then got me to wonder if there's just a map of what Earth is like at night with all that light pollution and I found this video from NASA Goddard:

I think what is mostly cool about this is how you can see cities you only really picture in a map, but like right there on the screen. It's are to put into words, but like, if you see Earth in daylight, you can't see the cities. It's only at night with city lights on, that you can tell the major cities of the world.

From the International Space Station, we can see that we are "right there" with our lights on in Brevard at night:

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