Top 5 Things I Love About Brevard County

#5: Mustard's Last Stand


The best hot dogs my mouth has ever known. And since 1981, Mustard's has been in Melbourne and in Downtown Melbourne feeding anyone who craves creative hot dogs. Literally you can get cole slaw on a hot dog, potato cakes on a hot dog. You can have one deep fried in a tortilla. There's no end to the hot dog madness at Mustard's Last Stand!


#4: Our Indian River Lagoon

Now, I know a lot has recently been said about our lagoon and yes we need to save it; we need to change our waste runoff habits. But the fact still remains, our IRL is beautiful and it's up to us to make sure it returns that way.


Growing up just off the Pineda Causeway my weekends with my family were spent out on the water skiing and tubing (and in one very painful case) getting stung by a whole group of Moon Jelly's. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Even taking boat trips up the river to go to Cocoa and past the port all the way down to Sebastian Inlet and being chased by dolphins in the wake.

Our Indian River Lagoon is stunning.


#3: Pappagallo's in Satellite Beach


I swear, there's a tiny little Italian grandma that lives in my stomach and in my soul. Pasta, pizza, and strombolis are life. Stuffed peppers are my weakness. Homemade gravy is what powers my being. And one place has held onto my heart since before I can remember. Pappagallo's in Satellite Beach is where beachside locals south of Pineda eat. If you went to a beachside school, Pappagallo's is where you worked, it's where your friends visited you, and it's where you became a lifelong friend to the Rich Family, who owns Pappagallo's. I'm very certain that there isn't any better food in our county, in our state, and in this time zone. I've delivered a pizza and stromboli's across the state once, and when I almost moved to Seattle in 2015 I told Dave Rich, who's owned the place since the late 80's, that he'd have to overnight me a stromboli whenever I wanted.


#2: Our 72 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline

From Titusville to Sebastian Inlet, our beaches bring people from around the world to Orlando and then they come to us.


And they should come to us, we're the closest beach to the "Theme Park Capitol of the World"! And our beaches for the most part, are super family friendly! Sure some parts get rowdy up in Cocoa Beach but that's part of the charm of people coming down here for Spring Break!

As we get older we want quieter beaches and that's why we find our little spots with "Local Only" access. But nothing can beat our beaches. There's newly opened dog parks, there's sea turtle season along the coast and for some up north there's a nude beach, but our beaches are amazing and pretty and I won't trade them in for any other beach on the planet!


#1: Our rocket launches


We're known as the "Space Coast" for a reason. And with 72 miles of Atlantic Ocean on our coast, any launch can be seen with the most amazing backdrop/canvas/view more than anywhere else in Central Florida. Sure you can see a rocket barely go up in the sky while at Disney, but here in Brevard we feel the launch. We hear the launch. We become part of the launch. I mean, come on...we're the freaking home to space exploration in our country. Neil Armstrong, Alan Sheppard, Sally Ride, Rick Husband...these are all true American heroes and they all went to space right here in our back yard. At NASA's Kennedy Space Center:



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