People Are Now Cooking Meals On Coffee Pots

Today, I saw a post about how someone used their coffee pot at home to make oatmeal and I kinda got grossed out. Not because coffee flavored oatmeal would be a bad thing, but because I then did some investigating and saw that the Internet has lots of info on how to use your household appliances to cook food that your stove top can do for you with a pan.

Now before you get all huffy with me, yes I saw that these are either for hotel use or use in a cramped apartment a'la New York City or something. But this is Brevard County, and cramped apartment living isn't really a thing here (or to me it isn't?).

So look, BuzzFeed came out with this video years ago about "4 Meals You Can Cook With Your Coffee Pot" and right off the bat I'm grossed out by putting hot dogs in my coffee maker! I do see the ingenious ways that they are using the coffee maker but again I can't see past the fact that there's going to be a lot of cleaning first off to not get the food to taste like coffee. Unless you spend the useless amount of money to buy a new coffee maker and strictly only use it to cook food and not brew coffee? 


So look, I'm gonna get over the coffee tasting food for a second and say that using a coffee pot to cook Ramen is actually smart AF! This is hilarious and can be super creative in the hands of a chef! Like, yeah I wanna try this really bad. Maybe do like BBQ chicken Ramen where the noodles have BBQ sauce on the top and then you brew the water into it and finally putting the chicken flavor in at the end???


Okay, breakfast I can't handle in the coffee pot. I love eggs, but only scrambled. Hard boiled eggs grosses me out. Sunny side up eggs, nope. If it's not scrambled it's a hard pass from me.

The oatmeal part intrigues me because I bet even if there was a hint of coffee in a maple syrup oatmeal it would be amaze-balls!


Enough of the coffee pot, the Internet also realize you can cook with your dishwasher:


And cooking with an iron:


Bonus iron cooking footage:


So I fancy myself a good cook at home, and I will just stick to my pots and pans plus regular human oven to do the cooking. I see that this nonsense works but I won't be trying these methods of cooking any time soon.



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