"Dinner And Drinks" With Todd Spindler

I'd like to first start off by thanking Ole Fire Grill and owner Todd Spindler for making this show become a reality. Without him, honestly this wouldn't be a thing and I'm so very happy that this IS a thing. So thank you Todd, you're a great person and your food always makes me happy!

So, "Dinner and Drinks" with Wingnut...what's that? Easily explained, its "Parts Unknown" but just in Brevard County.

It's local residents, business owners, charitable organizations, community leaders; coming together to share their "Brevard County Story" and perhaps their vision of Brevard County's future. It's talking about what's currently going on around town, and most importantly there's taco's! And margarita's! AND CHIPS AND QUESO!

So, if you're stumbling across this for the first time, I'm glad you're here! I'm glad you're seeing my Brevard County passion project come to life! And if you want to share your story with me, let's get you on the podcast too!

Send me a Direct Message on Instagram! We'll schedule you in!

Without further delay, here's the first episode of "Dinner and Drinks" with owner Todd Spindler from Ole Fire Grill, in Downtown Melbourne.

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You heard us talk about the food, but it's all about seeing the food! If you've never been to Ole, it's literally just West of the rail road tracks in Downtown and holy cow is the food amazing!

We had great tacos, amazing queso, and some very refreshing margarita's!

And with each new episode, I'll also put a 'teaser video' on Facebook and IG TV, it's my favorite part of each episode and to start...I wanted to ask Todd about Hurricane Matthew back in 2015 and that one time he was on national television!

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