"Dinner And Drinks" With Wingnut's Mom

Everyone has a "Brevard County Story":

How did you find out about Brevard County? When did you move here? Why did you pick Melbourne? These are questions I've always asked people who say they've just come to Brevard. But there's one person I've never asked, because I thought I knew the story, and that's my mom.

Turns out, I didn't know the real reason why my family moved here. I learned, in this episode, it was because time was to be short between my mother, her health, and her family. But here we are over 18 years later, she's still here and she's eating tacos with her son.

Also, it is a mission on "Dinner and Drinks" to ask our guests about their life, and any struggles they may have had to overcome or deal with in their life. My mother is the daughter of 2 World War II Belgian immigrants to Canada. They didn't speak the language when they moved to North America, but they survived occupied Belgium, they'd survive learning a new language and life. They all immigrated to America and lived in West Virginia with my mother was a young woman. So I wanted to know what it was like to be an immigrant in America back then, and what she feels about it now.

Not a lot of children get to do what I was able to do. To sit with their parent, ask them questions about growing up, questions about college life, and questions over margarita's. I truly have the best and strongest mother in the world. And to have this opportunity is one I will cherish forever and must thank Ole Fire Grill and our server Alexis!

I had no idea my mom came down here on her own when she was younger! In the video, you'll see my face learning that my mom went out with friends, stayed at a hotel here in Brevard in Cocoa Beach (that is still there!), and was a vague social butterfly and partier :) 

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