Why Aren't There More Monorails at Walt Disney World?

2018 has been filled with Disney Days, with my niece, with my mom, and my sister, and with friends. One of the most famous transportation elements in the most magical place on the planet, is the monorail system between the Ticket and Transportation Center (the TTC), The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and the older Walt Disney World resorts.

In order to get between these locations, it's easiest to hop on any of the colored monorails and get from Epcot to the Grand Floridian. And learn one of the most famous Spanish sentences of all time:

"!Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas.” Or in English, "Please stand clear of the doors."

But what if you wanted to get from the Magic Kingdom to say, Animal Kingdom? Why aren't there monorails to 2 other Disney parks?

Here's why:

Sitting here monorail and Disney dreaming everyone...anyone wanna drink around the world with me today? I could use a Sparkling Sangria for sure.

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