Whoa! This Lake Is Pink!

Nature is crazy! And nature in Australia is like double crazy, because most things in Australia will kill you. At first glance, I for sure thought that Hillier Lake in Australia would kill you. However, that is not the case. In fact, the lake has bacteria in it that makes the lake look pink and scientists found out its the same bacteria that makes carrots turn orange. Except in this case, they turn the lake pink.

And it is totally safe to go into, or so some people on Instagram are just diving right in:

What really pops out about this lake though, is how it's literally feet away from the Pacific Ocean giving the biggest contrast of colors I've ever seen next to an ocean.

So how do we get to Hillier Lake? It's literally the furthest place away from Melbourne, Florida and it might be quicker for us in Melbs to dig straight down, considering we'd be just off the west coast of Australia:

But for real:

- Flight from Melbourne, Florida round-trip to Melbourne, Australia = $1,900 (to start)
- Flight from Melbourne, Australia to Hillier Lake = $130-$170
- Not included hotel, food, drinks, other items

So just under $2500 to see a pink lake? Yeah still a bucket list item and also maybe my Aussie wife is down there waiting for me?

Here's the real science'y stuff behind Hillier Lake's pink color: 

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