"Dinner and Drinks" With Jayvo Scott

Not very many business owners have a story to tell like Jayvo Scott does! Since the early 2000's his family has owned multiple businesses and it's probably been somewhere you've eaten, had a drink, or gotten tattoo'd!

I met Jayvo Scott earlier in the year, leading into our "Worst Tattoo Contest" here on the radio station. I've heard of Jayvo through mutual friends (he's done a piece for a previous guest Kyle Graham) and so I should have known Jayvo longer than I actually have!

The craziest thing is our tie to "The Cuban Sandwich". It was one of my father's favorite places to eat, I still go there all the time. And has you'll hear in the episode, it's the first time Jayvo and I had any correspondence to each other.

Jayvo Scott is many things, as you can read above, and soon I'm telling you, Jayvo will be all over your TV's and is a shooting star ready to take off! He is a dear friend of mine and I want all the best for him and his future.

Now let's talk about the food....because holy cow was it next level! Todd and his staff at Ole got me hooked on their bowl's yo!

This is the Tropical Bowl, and it is filled with yummy goodness! The pork carnintas was always on point but let me tell you about those fried plantains because yummmmmm! So plantains are like bananas but they are better than bananas! The crunchy outside and gooey inside is exactly what my mouth wants and didn't know. The plate was also covered in their tropical salsa and drizzled with sriracha, the perfect combination of spice and sweet. Todd (and our wonderful server Alexis) brought out fried cheesecake for dessert and let me emphasize with EMPHASIS!!! this is the best thing I've ever had for dessert! The fried plantain bed it was resting on was just a bonus! We also washed everything down with their now award-winning Blood Orange margarita which just took the first prize at the "Margarita's for Mangroves" so you know it's out of bounds!

Make sure you stop by all the social media pages for True To You Tattoo and drop Jayvo a line to schedule your appointment for a new or first or cover-up tattoo!


Jayvo is truly an awesome guy! And I can't wait to get more ink from him in the future! We started this "Cat In Space" tattoo back in May and we still have a lot more to go, each post you see below takes you through the process of starting from the beginning and the last one is where my arm is currently at!

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