“Dinner and Drinks” With Dave Rich From Pappagallo’s

There are few things in life that I need! They are:

- air

- water

- Pappagallo’s

Oh you’ve never heard of Pappagallo’s? Then there’s a 100.9% chance you’ve never driven through Satellite Beach or also the same chance that we’ve never talked, because it’s my family’s favorite place.

Our story begins back in the early 2000’s when my father, who was running the Satellite High “Touchdown Club”, wanted ‘good’ pizza to sell at football games. Not crap pizza. ‘GOOD’ pizza. And in Satellite Beach, that pizza is Pappagallo’s.

Owner Dave Rich, is a Satellite grad and a beachside resident since the 1980’s. Fast forward to today, and Dave Rich and his family have been a part of my life since!

Opened in 1990 just off the Eau Gallie Causeway, Pappagallo’s quickly became famous on the beach for fresh ingredients. It’s family friendly environment. And most importantly, the assibility that Dave shares with his customers. You can always either see him throwing dough, answering phones, or driving the giant Pappagallo’s truck around town!

So episode 6 of “Dinner and Drinks” found Dave and his wife Tricia at a table with me at Ole Fire Grill as we learn Dave’s “Brevard County Story”:

Now, for dinner! Owner of Ole, Todd Spindler, totally went out of bounds for this! We started with my favorite, the queso fundido. And behind the bar Dave and I split two mojito’s. One Mango and one Strawberry. Then for dinner, Todd spent all day, LITERALLY, making use pork Osco Bucco! Todd always knocks it out of the park with these dishes

As always, I can’t thank our guest and our host, Ole Fire Grill enough!

If you, or anyone you know, wants to be a guest...send me a message on Instagram and let’s learn about your “Brevard County’s Story”.

It’s truly awesome to be able to take Dave, owner of my favorite restaurant, over to my second favorite restaurant. And then to sit and talk and enjoy his stories along with his wife.

This podcast is truly becoming something special because the people we do have on are truly special.

So now let my love affair of Pappagallo’s continue, and the next posts are simply just pictures of food. You’ll also notice that they are all of Stromboli’s:

  1. Go for yourself and make sure to tag me in the photos you take because I want to eat my phone right now!




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