Woman Escapes Death After Road Sign Crushes Car

I've warned you about Australia before. If it's not the hand sized spiders that will eat your hand whole, then it's crocodile's ready to chompa chompa you. Or it's Chlamydia infested koala's. Maybe perhaps wildfires that spawn fire tornado's...or yeah, GREAT WHITE SHARKS OFF THE GREAT BARRIER REEF WHICH ALSO HOUSES MAN O WAR JELLYFISH!

All these things can kill you. All these things will kill you. But not a road sign that the size of a small apartment that can fall off it's mounts and crush you on the road?!?!?!

That's what happened (in ironically) Melbourne, Australia. Our sister named city has had its fair share of "Australia Can Kill You" stories but this is by far the most surprising.

The driver was not harmed and escaped with no injuries or other incidents with any other vehicle.

So if I see a road sign starting to fall in front of my car, I'm sprinting away faster than Australian track and field star (and my forever Australian crush) Michelle Jenneke:

Straight up, if Michelle Jenneke ever agreed to go on a date with me, I'd fly to Australia just to have dinner with her.

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